Judge DesBrisayBorn in Chester,NS, Mather Byles DeBrisay (1828-1900) was a lawyer, judge, politician and historian.

Throughout his adult life, DesBrisay was a “collector of curiosities” and he acquired a vast collection of papers and artifacts, which his wife sold to the Town of Bridgewater after his death in 1900.

This gallery is what a typical study might look like in 1890, with Judge DesBrisay's desk and chair, family photos, books he collected, and other documents relevant to the era.

Judge DesBrisay loved the unusual, and as Bridgewater was a lumber town, with schooners going and coming from all over the world, sailors would bring him items from their travels.  Many of these are displayed in this gallery, including A 1892 carved Mother of Pearl Shell depicting the baptism of Christ, and a 7" wooden spoon carved by the hermits of Mount Athos, Greece c. 1900.