toy trainWhat’s a childhood without toys?

Different decades are identified in a variety of ways including news events, music, styles, destinations, and the hottest toys of the times. Today, the hottest kid’s movie usually markets a popular toy.

In North America, most toys are store bought, although sometimes the imagination takes over turning boxes into garages for car collections or doll houses decorated with bits of fabric.

In the 1902 Sears Catalogue there were several pages of the most popular toys, from boys’ express wagons, penny saver banks, mechanical toys, dolls, board games including dominoes and checkers, as well as toy china tea sets, which only cost 15 cents for a set of 25 pieces.

This exhibit features toys from days gone by, including a Noah's Ark which belonged to Amelia F. Davison Brownrigg, daughter of E.D. Davison, lumber baron of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia.