A selection of photos from the Museum collection.  These photos are all available for sale.

81.3.13 dbp284 frank killams 3 legged horse at mahone bay
81.17 dbp278 wnsr king george
82.1.3 dbp281 pc oxen at hubleys east side c1905
83.3.24 dbp117 acadia gas bldg. c.1919
83.7.6 dbp9 exhibition bldg before fire
84.2.4 dbp28 pc king st. c.1898
84.15.3 dbp118 hs hall corn mill
84.15.4 db27 bandstand east side c1900
84.15.5 dbp27 queens jubilee 1900
84.15.47 dbp9 pc dawson wharf c.1890
84.51.2 dbp17a exhibition bldg fire
84.58 dbp285 pc three trains
84.61.2 dbp26 bw academy 1914
85.34.1 dbp28 pc king st. in front postoffice c1920
85.34.15 dbp117 pc office of acadia gas engines
85.34.55 dbp283 ss bridgewater on lahave c1890
85.34.62 dbp28 winter king street cars by bridge c.1940-50
86.11.2 dbp16 pc st. johns presbyterian maple street d c.1909
86.11.5 dbp16 pc holy trinity church 1910
86.11.8 dbp16 pc st. pauls lutheran phoenix st. c. 1918