85.34.18 DBP283 PC Shipping at Bridgewater lots schooners 1906Shipping on the LaHave River was the most important and sometimes only way of transportation to connect Bridgewater with far away ports.

Moored along the banks were schooners of all kinds and sizes, square-riggers, brigantines and barques, loading and unloading lumber or fish, or delivering commodities and goods for Davison Lumber Company, or large items such as the first locomotive for the N.S. Central Railroad.

From the earliest days of settlement, vessels from every small cove along the LaHave River and among the islands took part in the inshore and offshore fisheries.

LaHave River Valley residents worked in all aspects of this way of life as suppliers of lumber, ship builders, sea captains, fishing and merchant vessel crews, suppliers of food and equipment, river pilots, lighthouse keepers, and as fish processors and packers.

This gallery contains several models of schooners, as well as artifacts from the shipping and fishing industry on the LaHave River.