Photos from our many programs and events. We hope you enjoy them!

Christmas Open House 2012
2013 Hooked Rug Exhibit
Tarot Card Readings
Women at Work 2013 Exhibit
Peter Oickle
Emily Jeffers and our school visitors
Basket Weaving Workshop 2013
Peter Oickle conducting a Cemetery Tour 2013
Heather Gordon demonstrating how to cane a chair
Opening reception for the Bridgewater High Art Fair
March Break Heritage Crafts - Spool Knitting
Karen Crouse cataloguing
St. Patrick's day craft workshop
Lauren Parks at the heritage tin lantern workshop
Mr. Kokocki's grade 6 class visit
Museum Day 2013
Visitors from the past at Museum Day
Craft Day
Heritage Crafts
Past Museum Chair Brian Tennyson with his grandchildren