DesBrisay Museum collects materials that form part of, or that are directly related to the natural and cultural heritage of Lunenburg County, including objects neither made nor used in Lunenburg County, but which can be shown to be related to this County's heritage. 

Our geographic area of collecting will include Bridgewater as far southwest as LaHave, northwest to New Germany, northeast to Lunenburg and southwest to Dayspring. This geographic area has been identified as per information of collection parameters of museums in our area to avoid as much as possible on encroaching on other museums in Lunenburg County.

Our collecting strategy considers the interests of community, regional, national, and international public institutions and include the following collecting categories:

  • Social - community, family, personal life, religion, recreation, education, law
  • Economic - industry (natural resource, specifically agriculture and lumbering), business, industrial, work, labour, transportation
  • Political, War - military
  • Natural History - geology, geography, archaeology, astronomy, botany, animal, anthropology
  • Cultural - indigenous, folklore, ethnology, art, music, architecture
  • Science - medicine, technology, communication.

If you have an item that fits the above criteria and you would like to donate it to the Museum, please contact Linda Bedford, Curator, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or 543-4619.