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The Town of Bridgewater and its surrounding villages in Lunenburg County have had given the world many legendary characters over the years. Their stories, particularly those whose tales date back more than 100 years, provide us with a glimpse into what life used to be like here along the Atlantic Coast in a time that was criss-crossed by the age of wood, wind, and sail, and the booming promise of a rapidly industrializing world.

Click the links below to explore the stories behind some of Bridgewater's best-known individuals, organizations, and locales.

Robert Dawson, the Entrepreneur

Dr. Ernst, the Real Estate Tycoon

Jumbo Oxner, the Merchant of Bridgewater

Dr. Frank Davis, the Politician

W. T. Ritcey, the Man with the Vision

The Little Fire Brigade That Could

History of the Bridgewater Tennis Club

Dean Wile, the Carding Man

Fletcher Wade, the Railway King

E. D. Davison, the Lumber King

History of Middle LaHave

Ivy Banks

The Town of Bridgewater has certainly grown since its inception. Beginning as a rural, inland trading stop in the early 1800s, growing to become the de facto shiretown of Lunenburg County by 1900, and then a professional and essential service hub in the 20th Century, there have been a lot of changes over the years. Check out the links below to learn about some of this community's noteworthy "firsts," and to take a tour of some of the architectural heritage that can be found throughout our neighbourhoods.

Click here for Bridgewater's Noteworthy Firsts

Click here for Built Heritage


Bridgewater's Historic LandmarksA Pleasant Tour
With this pamphlet produced by the Heritage Advisory Committee and DesBrisay Museum, you can learn about the historic homes, churches, streetscapes, cemeteries and industrial structures that our community has inherited from previous generations!

An Historic Walking Tour
Take a stroll through Bridgewater's older neighbourhoods to see some of our wonderful 19th and early 20th Century architecture. This is a walk of approximately 35 minutes.

A Pleasant Walking Tour
Take a stroll down Bridgewater's Pleasant Street to see some of our wonderful 19th and early 20th Century architecture. This is a walk of approximately 45 minutes